Reopening After COVID Closure

An Update On Our Services

Club West will be reopening for select services on May 27th. We are hoping to start seeing clients for waxing, facials, massage, and nail services the week of June 15th.

The health and safety of our community, clients, and employees are our top priority. We want to reassure all clients that we practice sanitary state board regulations on a daily basis, however, we are taking extra precautions during this time by increasing the frequency of our cleanings, concentrating on public areas, and our individual treatment rooms. In addition, we have implemented several new precautions that will help to ensure no further interruptions to business.

We understand that some of these precautions may be less glamorous & relaxing than previous visits to Club West, however these are the standards that we must maintain to safely provide spa services to all of our guests. As we continually re-evaluate these processes & guidelines our precautions may change. We will keep everyone updated as changes and new guidelines are released. We thank you for understanding and for your continued business! We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

What are we doing:

  • During our temporary closure, our location was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in preparation of reopening.
  • We are sanitizing all door handles, countertops, iPads, chairs, tables, bathrooms, and tools/implements constantly throughout the day and between each client in the treatment rooms.
  • We have antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer in all treatment rooms and restrooms.
  • Social distancing guidelines posted at the Front Desk
  • We are temporarily closing our relaxation areas & common areas.
  • We will continue curbside / contact-less pick up for your favorite products
  • Touch-less check out available upon request
  • Extra time has been scheduled between services for additional cleaning
  • Every night our staff is disinfecting frequently touched areas around the spa.
  • We’ve gone over all precautionary measures with our staff from hand washing, not touching their own faces, to proper disinfection.
  • Employees have also been instructed to not come to work if they experience fever or any symptoms. With this being said, we apologize if we need to cancel your appointment last minute. Your safety is our top priority.

What can you do?

  • Stay home if you are sick, your temperature will be taken with a touch less thermometer when you arrive.
  • Limit your belongings that you bring in to Club West, only the essentials
  • Only the guest receiving services with reservation should enter the building. All other persons should wait in car.
  • Upon arrival, please wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap & hot water before your service begins in your private treatment room.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with other guests & continue to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, if you don’t have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your sleeve or arm.
  • Wear a mask, Club West will require all staff and guests to wear masks while in the building including while in services.

Have questions? Please reach out to us at 804-897-5297!


Waxing Vs. Sugaring: Which is Right for You?

Eliminate Unwanted Hair for Your Summertime Confidence!

This summer, pair all of your favorite tank tops, shorts, dresses and swimsuits with the confidence that comes from baring skin free of unwanted hair! At Club West Med Spa in Midlothian, VA, we offer waxing and sugaring services to help you eliminate hair in several areas, including the upper lip, legs, eyebrows, bikini area, and more.

However, many of our clients are unsure as to whether waxing or sugaring is a better option for them. While both do the same thing – removing unwanted hair at the follicle for longer-lasting results than shaving – the products used are very different. Below is some helpful information regarding waxing and sugaring to help answer your questions. Still unsure which to choose? One of our aestheticians will be happy to work with you!

The Lowdown on Waxing

What is it?

Wax is a product created from resins, such as beeswax and honey. It can also contain essential oils or other fragrances for aromatherapy purposes.

What is the waxing process?

We apply warm wax to the area of unwanted hair, in the direction that the hair grows. After the wax hardens, it is pulled from the skin in the direction against hair growth. This removes the hair from the follicle.

How long until the hair grows back?

The hair generally grows back after about two weeks. You should wait until the hair grows back about a ½ inch or so before waxing again, for best results. We recommend waiting three or four weeks in between waxing appointments.

Does it hurt?

When wax is removed from the skin, it removes both hair and dead surface skin cells. So, while it can help exfoliate the skin in the treatment area, it does tend to produce discomfort.

What areas of the body is it best for?

Waxing is a better option for larger, less sensitive surface areas, such as the legs, because it is a faster process.

The Details on Sugaring

What is it?

Sugaring products contain water, sugar, and lemon, which are combined together and melted into a paste. Because it doesn’t contain fragrances, it is a better option for those with sensitive skin.

What is the sugaring process?

Unlike with waxing, the sugar paste is applied to the skin against the direction of hair growth, and is then removed from the skin in the same direction of hair growth. Also, unlike hot wax, the sugar paste is applied at room temperature.

How long until the hair grows back?

Hair will usually come back after about two weeks. However, because sugaring paste can remove even shorter hairs, you don’t need to wait until it grows back to a ½ inch in length before scheduling another sugaring appointment.

Does it hurt?

Unlike wax, sugaring paste does not exfoliate the skin when it is removed. Therefore, many clients feel that it is less painful than waxing.

What areas of the body is it best for?

Clients tend to prefer sugaring for more smaller, more sensitive areas of the body, such as the bikini area and upper lip.

Sick of shaving every day during the summer? Waxing or sugaring is a great option for you. Contact us today at 804-897-5297 to set up an appointment, so you can enjoy the beach, the park, or any of your summertime plans free from unwanted hair!