Introducing the HydraFacial

Revolutionizing the Facial Experience for Skin that Looks Better Than Ever

Have you ever left a facial with red, irritated skin? Have you ever endured a harsh, uncomfortable facial treatment? When our skin is acting up, it’s easy to resort to painful scrubbing and intense treatments in an attempt to get rid of acne, redness, inflammation, and fine lines and wrinkles as quickly as possible. But some treatments actually can actually cause more damage.

So when you want an effective, yet gentle, skin treatment, look no further than the HydraFacial! This is a new technology at Club West Med Spa in Midlothian, VA, and we are proud to offer this revolutionary facial to our clients. No matter your skin’s condition, the HydraFacial can be customized to meet your unique needs, so you can leave with glowing, nourished skin!

How HydraFacial Works

HydraFacial uses hydradermabrasion, which is a treatment that sucks the dirt and bacteria out of pores, while at the same time delivering beneficial, active nutrients to the skin that hydrate, plump, and protect the skin while improving its tone. The HydraFacial device utilizes a spiralized tip that both clears and nourishes the skin at the same time.

Plus, add-ons or boosters can be added to the treatment to address specific skin needs. For example, there are boosters for dark spots, and fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be combined with LED light therapy, blue for acne, and red for stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation.

The result? Hydrated, rejuvenated, healthier skin and a more radiant complexion, without the scarring, redness and other side effects of more traditional facial treatments.

What to Expect

The treatment takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of treatment you choose. There’s no downtime, meaning you can return to work and your daily life as soon as the treatment is over, without worrying about side effects. It’s the perfect choice for right before a big event, or if your skin is just looking a bit lackluster. Plus, it works for people of all ages and skin types, so no matter your skin concerns, you can expect an improved appearance and clearer, more radiant skin.

Four Different Treatments

Radiance HydraFacial™

45 minutes for $250

This treatment includes a Britenol® booster to diminish dark spots. You will also receive a take-home Spot Correction Kit, which will help continue to brighten the skin even after the treatment is over.

Restorative HydraFacial™

45 minutes for $295

Includes CTGF™, which helps improve the skin’s tone, flexibility and texture.

Clarifying HydraFacial™

45 minutes for $225

Enjoy the clarifying benefits of extended extractions, plus Blue LED light therapy to address oily skin and clogged pores.

Platinum HydraFacial™

60 minutes for $325

This is the luxurious, premium HydraFacial treatment! It begins with lymphatic drainage for detoxification. Then, we use the Signature HydraFacial for deep cleansing,extraction, and hydration. We customize the treatment to your unique skin needs by utilizing a specialty vial of your choice. The treatment ends with LED light therapy to address acne or inflammation.

Want to learn more about HydraFacial? Looking to schedule an appointment? Contact Club West Med Spa today at 804-897-5297 804-897-5297 today!

Say Hello to the Vivace Experience!

A Comfortable, Effective Microneedling Treatment

Are you looking to add some contour to your face? Do you desire a more defined profile? Would you like to add some youthfulness back into your skin? At Club West Med Spa in Midlothian, VA, we have the answer for you! We have recently purchased The Vivace, a microneedling device that gently delivers noticeable results.

Preparing the Skin

Thirty to 45 minutes prior to the treatment, we will apply the Personalized Compounded Numbing Cream. This top-quality numbing cream is the best in the industry, and it gently numbs the skin to make The Vivace Experience more relaxing. Many clients who have undergone the treatment have expressed that they felt minimal, if any pain during The Vivace treatment because of this numbing cream.

The Treatment

The treatment itself, after prepping, takes approximately 45 minutes. Microneedling works by creating tiny holes all over the skin, and in the process of healing those tiny holes, the skin produces more collagen. Collagen helps fill in lines and wrinkles as well as to firm the skin. Because The Vivace utilizes radio frequency, it is a more comfortable experience that results in less recovery time and fewer side effects.

During the treatment, we apply the Boost Glide Serum to your skin, which is a triple peptide glide serum that promotes healing and skin-lightening and suppresses metastasis and inflammation. This serum can also be used at home during the recovery process. It is essential to The Vivace Experience, as it helps soothe the skin as well as encourages collagen development. You only need a few drops for amazing results!

For the best results, we recommend you receive three Vivace microneedling treatments, four to six weeks apart. Complete results may take up to three months to fully appear, as collagen regeneration increases over that period of time.

Turn back the clock on your skin and ask us about our Vivace microneedling treatment today! Contact us at 804-897-5297 for a consultation to determine if The Vivace is right for you. The treatment is $1,500 for series of 3 face sessions, or $550 for a single face session.

We also offer a wide range of other facial and body treatments, as well as injectables, to enhance the youth of your skin, so check out our wide range of services!