The colder weather brings comfort, coziness, and, unfortunately, dry skin. But Club West Med Spa won’t let uncomfortable, cracked skin get in the way of your seasonal cheer. We’ve put this list together of dry winter skin treatments we recommend to ensure your skin looks and feels amazing all winter long.

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Refresh with Facials

A Club West Med Spa facial treatment will cleanse your pores — deeply purifying the surface of your skin and removing dry skin cells. When your skin is refreshed and cleared, there’s less of a risk of dry skin developing. Staying well moisturized and unblemished is an effective way to take a stand against signs of aging.

Recommended Therapy: HydraFacial

This new, results-driven facial delivers the benefits of a moisturizing massage as it deeply cleanses and hydrates your skin.

A Hydrafacial revitalizes your skin with moisture while also delivering nutrients for optimal absorption into the deeper layers of your complexion. After treatment, you’ll notice a smoother, more moisturized-looking youthful face! See additional info and pricing.

Rejuvenate with Chemical Peels

Do you feel like you’re applying all the moisturizer, lotion, and oil in the world but still dealing with painful dry, cracked, winter skin? This is common. With a bitter winter, over-the-counter skin-care products alone don’t do the trick. If you don’t know what to try next, go with a chemical peel. Our chemical peel therapy treats dry skin, reduces acne scars, fine lines, and assists with other complexion-related concerns.

Recommended Therapy: Vitalize Peel

Our most popular peel, Vitalize Peel, reduces discoloration and makes the skin appear more radiant. A Vitalize Peel smooths out wrinkles and roughness and relieves environmental factors, such as air pollution and cold weather. See additional info and pricing.

Exfoliate with Body Scrubs

If you notice your skin can get dull and flaky when temperatures drop, a full body scrub holds the ingredients to keep your skin refreshed and healthy. Our exfoliating treatments target dead skin and toxins while refreshing, moisturizing, and balancing your body.

Recommended Therapy: Coconut Scrub

Our coconut scrub is a mixture made of coconut oil and raw sugar cane. The soothing, moisturizing properties are demonstrated by its ability to remove dead skin cells while leaving behind an ultra- radiant complexion for all skin types. Our clients find this treatment especially helpful during colder months. See additional info and pricing.

Plan Ahead with Laser Therapy

When you put a laser therapy appointment on the calendar during wintertime, heightened skin protection is provided, the risk of sunburns is reduced, and you have ample time to recover before summer. Best of all? It treats skin concerns colder months bring. Whether you have eczema or your everyday dry skin, certain laser procedures promote a youthful glow, even when the snow is falling.

Recommended Therapy: Clear & Brilliant

Clear and Brilliant is a 30-minute resurfacing, anti-aging laser treatment and is an effective way to give your skin a gentle glow by improving the tone and texture of the surface. It also reduces pores size. See additional info and pricing.

Chase the Sun with Airbrush Tanning

Is your skin missing the sun? We all know the loss of sun during the winter can lead to pale, pasty skin. However, an airbrush tanning will restore your glow! And it’s not just about your appearance: spray-tanning when it’s winter keeps your skin healthy, no matter how severe the cold becomes.

Recommended Therapy: Aesthetic Airbrush Tanning Sessions

South Seas® Skincare doesn’t just provide a flawless tan; it also protects your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Our product is made with only natural ingredients and paraben-free formulas for worry-free results.

Club West Only Provides the Best

At Club West Med Spa, our talented team is here to soothe your seasonal stress by delivering first-class med spa services. We understand that every client is unique and has a particular set of needs — get in touch with us and we’ll let you know which treatment is the best option for you.