Keeping Your Skin Beautiful This Winter

Even in an unprecedented year like 2020, there are a lot of things to love about winter — curling up with a mug of tea or cocoa and your favorite movie, fresh snow, and the beauty of twinkling holiday lights. One thing no one loves this time of year? Dry skin.

Dry Air = Dry Skin

As the temperatures drop, it can wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to get dry, flaky, or even crack. One of the leading culprits of dry winter skin is drier air in your home. It is natural to want to crank the heat in your home, but the increase in temperature sucks hydration from your skin.

Use Humidifiers Throughout Your Home

Investing in a humidifier will help add moisture back into the air and help your home seem warmer. It is recommended to use a humidifier in your main rooms — bedroom, living room, and if you are working from home, your office space.

To complement using a humidifier, it is recommended to keep your home at a comfortable setting between 68°F to 72°F to ensure you feel warm without drying out your skin.


Moisturizing is essential throughout every season! It’s easy to think that our skin is more protected because we wear more clothing in the winter. While our exposure to harmful UV rays decreases in the winter, the need for proper moisturizing goes up. Additionally, many people aren’t using the right moisturizers for the winter months — the products you love during the summer may not have the hydration benefits you need to keep your skin happy during the winter.

It is recommended you switch to a rich body lotion or cream to help trap existing moisture in your skin. The best time to moisturize is right after you wash your hands or get out of the shower, as this helps your skin retain more moisture.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin properly moisturized not only means moisturizing with lotions and creams — it means staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important to your overall health but is essential for your skin during the winter months when we tend to lose more moisture. If you want to get warm and cozy and get hydrated, a warm mug of tea is the perfect remedy!


For lotion to fully penetrate your skin, it is recommended you lightly exfoliate to remove dead skin. However, if your skin is dehydrated and cracked, it is best to skip exfoliation and focus more on helping your skin heal and retain moisture.

Avoid Hot Showers

After being out in the cold or having a long day, a hot shower can be incredibly relaxing — but your time washing away the day may be causing your skin to dry out even more. This is because the hot water strips your skin of its natural moisture. To avoid irritating your skin, opt for a lukewarm shower, moisturize with your favorite lotion, and then get cozy under a blanket and warm pajamas. This will help your skin better retain much-needed moisture!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

As the holidays come and go, our homes are often filled with tempting sweets and treats. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying some extra desserts every once in a while, maintaining a healthy diet benefits your skin. Increasing your daily intake of healthy fats found in foods such as olive oil, walnuts, and avocados may help dry skin.

Dress for the Weather

Whether you live in Midlothian or the frozen tundra of New England, it’s important to dress for the weather. By wearing clothes and gear that protects your skin from the elements, it ensures your skin retains moisture. If you are inclined to bundle up in materials that may irritate your skin (like wool), you must wear a breathable shirt underneath. Alternatively, you can swap out itchy wool for a fleece or cashmere sweater.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

While the majority of recommendations in this article are for at-home care, a spa day can help you feel pampered — and also give you an idea of what types of products to use to restore health and radiance to your skin. At Club West Med Spa, our team is committed to helping our clients live beautifully. We will work with you to determine which skincare products best fit your lifestyle and skincare routine.

To schedule your next facial or body treatment, please contact us at 804-897-5297.

holiday facial at the spa

Black Friday Spa Deals at Club West Med Spa

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, that means only one thing:

The holiday season is upon us!

And if you’re looking to treat someone (or yourself) to a relaxing spa experience, the biggest sale of the year is here at Club West Med Spa!

Starting on November 20th through November 25th, 2020, we’re rolling out Black Friday spa deals on treatment bundles, gift cards, spa products, and more!

Black Friday Spa Sale

Spa Treatment Bundles: November 20-25th

Firmer, natural, youthful-looking skin – It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

With Club West Med Spa’s Black Friday laser treatment bundles, you can treat yourself or your loved one to a relaxing day at our medical spa and say “goodbye” to wrinkles, age spots, acne, and scars this holiday season.

Here are our laser treatment bundles on Clear + Brilliant, Limelight Facial™, and The Vivace!

Spa Treatment Bundles

Explore medical spa treatments for your best & healthiest skin!

There’s more…

Deck the halls this holiday season and eliminate clogged pores, fine lines, and dead skin with a series of dermaplaning and custom facials and peels.

custom facials & dermaplaning specials

You can also tighten and tone your chin, neck, or body with Thermage, a revolutionary non-invasive skin tightening and contouring treatment.

If removing stubborn fat and cellulite is on your wish list this holiday season, now you can with $500 or $800 off your next CoolSculpting treatment package!

Dermaplaning & CoolSculpting specials

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New Year, New You

2020 was a stressful and challenging year. What better way to commemorate a healthier and happier New Year than treating yourself to 12 relaxing and rejuvenating signature Hydrafacials?

Now you can with our New Year, New You Package!

new year new you spa package

Let’s ring in a year of healthy & hydrated skin. Reach out to get yours!

Ditch the Razor & Switch to Laser

What’s a New Year’s resolution that will save you time AND create smoother, suppler, and beautiful skin?

A commitment to laser hair removal, of course, and Club West Med Spa is offering packages on facial and body hair removal this Black Friday.

So, throw out your razor and make bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritated skin problems of the past!

laser hair removal packages

Discover more of our laser spa treatments!

Gift Card Specials: November 23-25th

Did you know that when you purchase a Club West Med Spa gift card, you can save money on your next day at the spa?

If you’re looking to pamper a friend, partner, or loved one with a spa gift card this holiday season, you can receive $10, $25, or $35 for free to use towards yourself!

Purchase $100 Gift Card — Receive $10 for Free!

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Black Friday Spa Deals Are Here

Club West Med Spa invites holiday shoppers and spa-goers throughout Midlothian, VA, and the surrounding area to shop our Black Friday spa deals from November 20-25th, 2020!

For future spa specials and deals, stay tuned to our blog.

crepey skin

How To Treat Crepey Skin & Restore Complexion

As we age, our skin changes, losing elasticity and plumpness. This leads to it becoming more fragile and thinner, taking on a crepey, paper-like appearance. While many people develop crepey skin, there are several ways to restore your skin’s support and texture!

Here at Club West Med Spa, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best. We offer a range of treatments to restore your skin, complexion, and youthful appearance.

What causes crepey skin?

Like many other skin conditions, the most common cause of crepey skin is sun damage, as ultraviolet light breaks down collagen and elastin in our skin. Both collagen and elastin help your skin stay wrinkle-free and tight. When these fibers break down, it can cause your skin to be thin, loosen, and wrinkle.

Another contributing factor to crepey skin is age and genetics. As we age, our skin produces less natural oils, which help protect our skin and seal in moisture. Individuals with fairer skin are even more susceptible to sun damage, which creates more of a risk for crepey skin.

Where does crepey skin normally appear?

Typically, crepey skin will appear on the legs, inner upper arms, décolletage, and around the eyes. It is common to develop crepey skin in our 40s, but for some individuals, it can develop as early as their 20s, depending on genetic factors, environmental factors, skin type, and more.

How is crepey skin different from wrinkles?

Unlike folds and wrinkles, crepey skin normally covers a larger area and is not caused by repetitive moves (think laugh or frown lines). While fine lines and creases typically characterize wrinkles, crepey skin generally is more about skin’s fragile texture.

How can I prevent crepey skin?

Keep your skin moisturized. Products with hyaluronic acid are designed to pull in and retain moisture in your skin, which can help restore plumpness and a full appearance. The best time to moisturize is right after bathing, as this helps lock in moisture!

Sunscreen is your friend! Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important factors for preventing crepey skin. It is recommended to wear sunscreen and wear protective clothing to reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays.

Exfoliate your skin. Once or twice a week, use an exfoliating cleanser or loofah to help dissolve dead skin cells and reduce fine lines’ appearance. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to use products designed to care for sensitive skin.

Eat antioxidant-rich food. Antioxidants help to protect your skin from the effects of free radicals. Free radicals contribute to the appearance of crepey skin by breaking down collagen. Food rich in antioxidants include nuts, dark leafy vegetables, red and blue berries, beans, whole grains, and orange vegetables.

Using skincare products infused with antioxidant-rich ingredients can help restore a plump and firm appearance.

Club West Med Spa is based in Midlothian, VA, and offers relaxing spa day experiences and personalized medical spa services. For more information about our services and how can help improve your skin, please reach out to us at 804-897-5297.

woman doing yoga

Yoga for Skin Care: What You Need to Know

It’s no secret that practicing yoga has many benefits for our health and well-being. Yoga can relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility, reduce stress, give us an energy boost﹣not to mention, it can also be a fun and enjoyable pastime.

But did you know that yoga can also be good for your skin?

September is National Yoga Month, and here at Club West Med Spa in Midlothian, VA, we want to share the benefits of yoga and inspire our clients to take their skin care to the next level.

Here’s everything you need to know about yoga for skin care!

How Does Yoga Improve Skin?

Breathing and bodily movement can create a harmonious balance for your skin. When you move your body, you increase your respiratory rate and oxygen intake. As this occurs, toxins, pollutants, and waste are flushed out from the muscles and organs﹣including the skin.

Additionally, moving your body can balance your hormones, reduce cortisol (the “stress” hormone), and diminish and prevent redness and acne in the process.

That’s not all. Because yoga improves flexibility, it can also reduce wrinkles.

Pair yoga with plenty of sleep, lots of water, and the occasional facial, and you can achieve a healthy and more youthful glow!

So, what are some simple yoga poses you can do for your skin? Let’s “namaste” to your best and most beautiful skin!

Best Yoga Poses for Healthy Skin


Open your lungs and reduce stress and tension with the power of the cobra pose.

You begin this pose by lying on your belly and stretching your legs out behind you. Make sure the tops of your feet are touching the floor and your thighs firm to the ground.

Place your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Your elbows should be hugging your sides.

Inhale. Straighten your arms and push your chest forward. Keep your thighs to the ground. Elongate your neck and feel your shoulder roll back. Hold for a few breaths, and then exhale.

This pose can reduce tension and stiffness and provide a boost of oxygen flow to organs. It can also lower cortisol levels.

Simple Seated Twist

A healthy gut is strongly correlated with healthy skin. If you’ve ever experienced acne breakouts and gastrointestinal issues simultaneously, there’s a reason why. Inflammation in the gut lining can cause a stress response in the body. It can also cause bacteria and toxins to leak from the intestinal wall to other parts of the body.

The simple seated twist is a gentle yoga pose that can target and increase circulation to the digestive system, reducing inflammation and boosting energy to this area.

You start this pose seated upright. Straighten your spine, neck, head, and tailbone. Make sure your legs are extended straight in front of you.

Bending your right knee, cross your right leg over your left thigh. Your right foot should be sitting beside your left thigh. Then, bend your left knee and ankle along your right glute muscle.

Twist your body to the right with your hand firm on the floor. Breathe deeply and slowly. You can also raise your left arm for a deeper stretch.

Repeat on the other side.

Standing Forward Fold

Healthy blood flow can move oxygen and nutrients to our skin cells. The standing forward fold is a great yoga pose for rejuvenating your facial skin.

Stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Place your hands on your hips. Exhaling, bend forward with your hips.

Depending on how flexible you are, you may be able to do this pose with a slight bend in the knees and your palms on the floor. But if your muscles feel tense or stiff, bend your knees more until you feel a good, deep, and comfortable stretch.

Keep your fingertips to the floor and allow your head to hang. As you inhale, raise and lengthen your torso. This will allow you to release a little more with each exhalation.

Mountain Pose

When you’re feeling stressed and need to find your center, practice a mountain pose and give your skin a well-deserved boost of oxygen.

Stand with your feet together and firmly on the ground. Make sure your heels are slightly apart from one another, press your shoulder back, and keep your arms hanging beside your torso. You can also raise them in front of your chest and clasp them together into a prayer position.

As you inhale, press weight evenly into the balls and arches of your feet. Focus on the moment, lengthen your tailbone, and draw in your stomach. Practice inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly.

For a deeper stretch, you can lift your toes and spread them apart. You can also lift the arches of your feet.

Practice Yoga for Skin Care

With National Yoga Month underway, there’s still plenty of time to roll out your mat and stretch for better and healthier skin. For more skin care tips, stay tuned to our blog!

Reopening After COVID Closure

An Update On Our Services

Club West will be reopening for select services on May 27th. We are hoping to start seeing clients for waxing, facials, massage, and nail services the week of June 15th.

The health and safety of our community, clients, and employees are our top priority. We want to reassure all clients that we practice sanitary state board regulations on a daily basis, however, we are taking extra precautions during this time by increasing the frequency of our cleanings, concentrating on public areas, and our individual treatment rooms. In addition, we have implemented several new precautions that will help to ensure no further interruptions to business.

We understand that some of these precautions may be less glamorous & relaxing than previous visits to Club West, however these are the standards that we must maintain to safely provide spa services to all of our guests. As we continually re-evaluate these processes & guidelines our precautions may change. We will keep everyone updated as changes and new guidelines are released. We thank you for understanding and for your continued business! We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

What are we doing:

  • During our temporary closure, our location was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in preparation of reopening.
  • We are sanitizing all door handles, countertops, iPads, chairs, tables, bathrooms, and tools/implements constantly throughout the day and between each client in the treatment rooms.
  • We have antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer in all treatment rooms and restrooms.
  • Social distancing guidelines posted at the Front Desk
  • We are temporarily closing our relaxation areas & common areas.
  • We will continue curbside / contact-less pick up for your favorite products
  • Touch-less check out available upon request
  • Extra time has been scheduled between services for additional cleaning
  • Every night our staff is disinfecting frequently touched areas around the spa.
  • We’ve gone over all precautionary measures with our staff from hand washing, not touching their own faces, to proper disinfection.
  • Employees have also been instructed to not come to work if they experience fever or any symptoms. With this being said, we apologize if we need to cancel your appointment last minute. Your safety is our top priority.

What can you do?

  • Stay home if you are sick, your temperature will be taken with a touch less thermometer when you arrive.
  • Limit your belongings that you bring in to Club West, only the essentials
  • Only the guest receiving services with reservation should enter the building. All other persons should wait in car.
  • Upon arrival, please wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap & hot water before your service begins in your private treatment room.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with other guests & continue to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, if you don’t have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your sleeve or arm.
  • Wear a mask, Club West will require all staff and guests to wear masks while in the building including while in services.

Have questions? Please reach out to us at 804-897-5297!


Treat Yourself This February!

Treat yourself, or a loved one, all month with these great specials! If cold winter days are starting to make your skin look dry, dull, or tired, our February deals will provide you with the rejuvenation you need to look and feel your best, no matter the weather outside.

We want to help you feel good about your skin! To schedule your visit, please call Club West Med Spa at 804-897-5297.

Chocolate & Strawberry Delight Facial – $100

Indulge your senses with the lovely aroma of Strawberries & Chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

This facial infuses the soothing benefits of antioxidants from Cocoa to deeply penetrate and hydrate skin; helping to fight off signs off aging.

While also utilizing the benefits from Strawberry Rhubarb to brighten, tone and bring back skin’s radiance!

This facial will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and silky smooth!

Winter Wildflower Facial – $100

Immerse your dry winter skin with therapeutic botanicals derived from Organic Wildflowers.

This facial helps to reveal a fresh, smooth and even skin tone. Includes your choice of a Customized Enzyme Treatment to brighten and give the skin a beautiful glow!

Bare All This Valentine’s Day!

All Waxing Services 10% OFF!!

Single Spray Tan: $30

Series of 2
Spray Tans: $55

Looking For A Quick Results-Driven Treatment To Illuminate Your Skin?

Try a Chemical Peel or a Chemical Peel joined with Dermaplanning!

Illuminize Peel: $99

Derma Peel: $133

Want the glow without the downtime? Try a Dermaplanning Treatment!

Dermaplanning: $75
Add onto Facial: $30

Bump up the results with a Customized Eminence Organic Peel add-on for only $25!


Signature Hydrafacial:$199

Series of 2: $360

Deluxe Hydrafacial: $250
with FREE Perk add-on!
(Eye or Lip Treatment)

Check out HydraFacial on the Today Show!

Perk Eye Treatment

Brighten and refresh your eye area with key ingredients like horse chestnut seed extract and arnica flower extract. Leaving this delicate area toned, firmed and

Perk Lip Treatment

Revitalize your lips with key ingredients like peppermint oil and peony extract. Leaving your lips refreshed, hydrated and lightly plumped!

It’s That Time Again!

The Style Weekly Polls Are Open!

Vote Club West Med Spa for Best Spa, Best Massage &
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Grab A Gift Card For That Special Someone!

Purchase $100 and receive $15 for FREE

(One gift card purchase per client, cannot use gift card the same day of purchase, cannot divide funds onto more than one gift card. Valid through 2/29/2020.)

To learn more about our current specials or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 804-897-5297. We are here to help you feel rejuvenated and radiant.

Time to Pamper Yourself in the New Year!

We’ve all heard the adage, “New Year, New You.” At Club West Med Spa, we want to help you start your new year off right. With our January specials, we can help you look and feel your best!

Our team of experts is here to help you enjoy a relaxing spa experience, improve your skin and feel good about your body. We invite you to visit our spa here in Midlothian, VA, or explore our website to see how you can achieve beautiful, radiant skin.

Snow Mushroom & Reishi Firming Facial $110

Contour and tighten your skin with a de-puffing & firming facial that detoxifies and reduces inflammation to reveal smooth radiance. Reveal a firm, healthy complexion at any age!

Add on an Organic Peel for $20

Choose from the following types of peels:

  • Firm Skin Acai
  • Bright Skin Licorice Root
  • Calm Skin Chamomile
  • Clear Skin Willow Bark

Learn more about the benefits of facial peels and why they are important by clicking here.

Bundle & Save!


(Series of 2)

Skin Medica Peels:
Illuminize $190
Vitalize $255
Rejuvenize $369

Signature $338
Deluxe $425

Clear + Brilliant: $515

Vivace Face: $995


(Series of 4)

Skin Medica Peels:
Illuminize $360
Vitalize $500

Signature $636
Deluxe $800

Clear + Brilliant: $970

Vivace Face: $1900


Hair Free & Care Free!

Laser hair removal treatment is a safe and effective way to remove hair for a longer duration of time compared to shaving and waxing.

Small Area $350

Upper Lip
Front Neck
Back of Neck
Top of Hands
Top of Feet & Toes
Cheeks & Jawline

Medium Area $475

Underarms/ Axilla
Bikini Line
Center Chest
Center Back
Full Face
Back Upper Thigh

Large Area $675

Lower Arms
Upper Arms
Lower Legs
Back Upper Thigh
Front Upper Thigh
Upper Back
Lower Back

Additional Hair Removal Specials

Purchase 2 Small Areas for $515
Purchase 2 Medium Areas for $770
Purchase 2 Large Areas for $1010

Purchase 1 Small Area & 1 Medium Area for $590
Purchase 1 Small Area & 1 Large Area for $810
Purchase 1 Medium & 1 Large Area for $860

To learn more about our current specials or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 804-897-5297. We are here to help you feel rejuvenated and radiant.

Achieve Beautiful, Luminous Skin This Fall

We know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things after summer. As fall sets in, take some time to give your skin some attention! We have some great end of summer specials going on this month. Each of these quick, results-driven treatments will help you get ready for all the back-to-school craziness!

Our med spa is located in Midlothian, VA, and welcomes clients from across the Richmond area. The services we provide are designed to help you achieve beautiful skin throughout every season.

Derma Peel $110

Dermaplaning & Chemical Peel Combo

This result-driven Dermaplaning and Chemical Peel Combo will give you the perfect glow!

We use the SkinMedica Illuminize Peel which gives your skin a great chemical exfoliation while restoring your skin radiance with no downtime! Joined with a Dermaplaning Treatment; helping your skin to shed all of that dead skin and peach fuzz.

So nothing can dull your shine!

Clear, Calm, & Firm Skin Facials! $80

(Applies only for Services with Stephanie, cannot combine with any other current specials or promotions.)

Clear Skin Facial: $80

Focusing on clearing the skin from congestion using the Clear Skin Probiotic Collection from Eminence. This includes the cleanse, exfoliation masque, Organic Peel, Blue LED, High Frequency.

Extraction Add-on: $15

15% Salicylic Peel Add-on: $15

Bright Skin Express: $80

This treatment focuses on evening skin tone using the Bright Skin Collection from Eminence.
It includes the cleanse, exfoliation, masque, choice of LED treatment.

Licorice Root Organic Peel Add-on: $15

Firm Skin Express $80

Focusing on toning and plumping up the skin using the Firm Skin Collection from Eminence. Including cleanse, exfoliation, masque, Microcurrent treatment, & Red LED treatment.

Acai Berry Organic Peel Add-on: $15

Express Hydrafacial $150

Try our Express Hydrafacial this month! Great results in 30 mins!

The Hydrafacial will cleanse any impurities, extract any congestion, and infuse your freshly prepped skin with potent antioxidants, peptides, and gentle glycolic acid! This gives the skin an amazing glow!

Lash Lift and Tint!

Tired of taking the extra time to curl your lashes or don’t want to deal with the extension fill-ins?
We’ve got the solution for you! Lash Lifts last for about 6 weeks. Perfect for clients with straight or droopy lashes.

Lash Lift: $55
Lash Lift & Tint Duo: $75

Get double points this month when purchasing a TNS essential serum! Receive $50.

To learn more about our current specials or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 804-897-5297. We are here to help you feel rejuvenated and radiant.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Savings!

It’s been a beautiful summer, and we are getting ready for a gorgeous fall. As August comes to a close, we hope you can spend some time out in the sunshine — and take some time to give your skin a little TLC.

Club West Med Spa is located in Midlothian, VA, and welcomes clients from across the Richmond area. We offer a full range of services to help you achieve radiant, beautiful skin through every season.

Restoring Your Skin & Confidence

Superfruit Facial – $150

Feed, nourish & protect your skin with the natural superfruit mangosteen lactic acid complex, acai berries and blueberries! This detoxifying facial will protect your skin from aging & feed collagen production to plump skin, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin a radiant glow!

The Blueberry Detox Firming Peel is high in vitamins and antioxidants. Great for fresh-looking, nourished, and toned skin. The Mangosteen will provide a complete surface & pore-refining result by removing impurities and dead skin cells while minimizing pores. The Firm Skin Treatment will leave your skin feeling plump, toned, and revitalized!

Lash Lift & Tint Duo!!

You can now ditch your daily eyelash curler and mascara routine with our new Lash Lift! This is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with skin sensitivities, straight lashes or droopy lashes. And it is a low maintenance lash solution with results lasting up to 6-8 weeks.

Lash Lift: $60
Lash Lift & Tint: $80

Wet Microderm Peel $140

Combines the benefits of aggressive exfoliation and 30% Glycolic & Salicylic Peel into a one-step resurfacing procedure!

Microderm treatments help to improve the skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines. This treatment can help your skin look renewed and fresh!

When added to a Facial or Hydrafacial, it offers amazing benefits. They both work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin. By getting both treatments, your skin will look and feel better than ever.

(add onto Facial or Hydrafacial for additional $50)

Derma Peel $140

Great for getting that radiant skin you’ve been craving!

By joining the Illuminize Peel with Dermaplaning, it provides the brightening, tightening, and radiance that you desire! Perfect for an upcoming event or if you want to reveal the look of more youthful skin!

Results Driven Facial Add-Ons

Kick it up a notch and jump-start your skin!


Kiss peach fuzz & dead skin goodbye!
Get ready for soft, smooth skin that’s prepped for product or makeup!

Add onto facial for $35

Ultrasonic Exfoliation

The bt-micro greatly enhances the effectiveness of your favorite creams and serums by using ultrasonic exfoliation.

This all-in-one tool will also help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. With the help of microcurrent therapy, it can firm and plump up the skin. Leaving skin firm, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product application!

Add onto facial for $20

LED Light Treatment

The Red or Blue LED light gives you that radiating, plump skin during your facial treatment. This light therapy was developed to treat the skin on a cellular level. This is ideal for anti-aging, acne, and pain relief.

Add onto facial for $15

Head into the fall with luminous, beautiful skin! To learn more about our current specials or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 804-897-5297. We are here to help you feel rejuvenated and radiant.

Time for Summertime Skin!

Summer’s Here!

It’s time to refresh your tired winter skin just in time for warm, sunny weather. Winter and spring can be tough on your skin. Before you put sunscreen on those dead skin cells and dull complexion, prepare your skin to look its most radiant for the season you’ll be showing it off! You won’t have to hide behind huge sunglasses or a beach cover-up if you schedule a get-ready-for-summer appointment at Club West Med Spa. Don’t forget to add the pedicure in preparation for sandal season!

Make an appointment to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy your refreshed skin. We’ve selected some summer specials just for you.

June Specials

Dermapeel Special: $110

Reveal beautiful, more youthful skin with the Illuminize Peel. This gentle treatment brightens skin with little to no downtime. We pair the chemical peel with Dermaplaning for longer-lasting effects. It’s time to get rid of the dead winter skin cells and peach fuzz to show off your stunning summertime skin!

Sun Protection Special: 10% Off All SPF Products

Enjoy the sun and protect your skin from damaging UV rays!

Mangosteen Lactic Resurfacing Facial: $100

Give your skin the antioxidant benefits it needs with this invigorating, yet gentle, facial. The exotic Mangosteen yields amazing results, restoring your skin to its youthful glow and silky smooth appearance. Is your skin sensitive? Aging? This facial not only exfoliates, but it also infuses your complexion with protection from free radicals and environmental damage.

Xanthones, found in mangosteen extract, provide the necessary anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to heal and protect against acne flare-ups, eczema, and other skin conditions. Exfoliate, heal, and energize your skin for summer. After our Mangosteen Lactic Resurfacing Facial, your skin will be restored and revitalized.

Extend the results of your facial with Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser or Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate. Either product is 10% off when you have a Mangosteen Lactic Resurfacing Facial!

Purchase Bamboo Firming Fluid and Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate Together: 15% off

Prep your skin with Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate and then apply Bamboo Firming Fluid for results you won’t believe! Together, these products take years off your skin. Clean your skin thoroughly and then protect with this power pair of products!

Coconut Sugar Scrub Body Treatment: $75

The sensations of summer envelop your body with this treatment. The Coconut Sugar Scrub with raw sugar cane and virgin coconut oil exfoliates dead skin cells with the most recognizable smells of summer. Imagine being on the beach with your toned, firm, refreshed skin. Hydrated. Firm. Glowing. You’ll be the center of attention.

These deals are only available through the month of June. Don’t miss your chance to reveal your best skin for summer. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 804-897-5297. We can’t wait to help you shake off the effects of winter and welcome your summer skin.